Sylvio César Teixeira Amorim scjamorim at
Sat Feb 14 04:53:50 PST 2009

Hello everyone,

      Gentlemen, I wonder if someone passed by the following problem, I have
3 Pendrive, 2 are 1, 1G and 8G, I'm using FreeBSD-7.1-stable, the problem is
when you connect to 8G, the fbsd detects the device, da0, etc, but not
create the / dev/da0 takes us about 10min trying to create this device, only
appears after / dev/da0 and various error messages such as: IOERROR,
CAM_REQ_CMP_ERR and not mounted.
      The 8G are of FAT32 and to recognize and are usually mounted in Linux,
usually the mount of 1G in FreeBSD, but the filesystem is FAT16.
Someone went through this problem?

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