Unable to pwd in ZFS snapshot

Peter Jeremy peter at vk2pj.dyndns.org
Sat Feb 7 12:46:53 PST 2009

I'm running -current from late last year (just after the ZFS v13
import) and have found that I can't determine the current working
directory inside a snapshot:
# df -k /usr/ports/.zfs/snapshot/pre_7.4
Filesystem         1024-blocks     Used     Avail Capacity  Mounted on
tank/ports at pre_7.4   877019136 31293824 845725312     4%    /usr/ports/.zfs/snap
# cd /usr/ports/.zfs/snapshot/pre_7.4
# pwd
pwd: .: No such file or directory
# ls .
.cvsignore      accessibility   dns             math            security
CHANGES         arabic          editors         mbone           shells
COPYRIGHT       archivers       emulators       misc            sysutils
CVS             astro           finance         multimedia      textproc
GIDs            audio           french          net             ukrainian
INDEX-7         benchmarks      ftp             net-im          vietnamese
INDEX-8         biology         games           net-mgmt        work
KNOBS           build.cvsupdate german          net-p2p         www
LEGAL           build.diffs     graphics        news            x11
MOVED           cad             hebrew          packages        x11-clocks
Makefile        chinese         hungarian       palm            x11-drivers
Mk              comms           irc             polish          x11-fm
README          converters      japanese        ports-mgmt      x11-fonts
Templates       databases       java            portuguese      x11-servers
Tools           deskutils       korean          print           x11-themes
UIDs            devel           lang            russian         x11-toolkits
UPDATING        distfiles       mail            science         x11-wm

This breaks (eg) make.  I got around it by cloning the snapshot but
this behaviour strikes me as counter-intuitive (and the error message
leaves something to be desired).

Peter Jeremy
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