bsdlabel partiton c error message on new install

andys a.smith at
Tue Oct 21 09:42:08 UTC 2008

Hi Ulf, 

  thanks a lot for your answer, previously I'd asked this question on the 
freebsd-questions list and someone suggested asking it here as they didnt 
know the answer, however I did get pretty much 2 responces telling me to 
reinstall the OS!! :S 

For example I had this answer: 

So I assume you would disagree with this and the other person who advised me 
this was a serious error? And if this actually isnt a problem, does bsdlabel 
need to be updated (and the man page) to reflect the fact this can be seen 
on a healthy system? 

thanks a lot! Andy.
> This is completely ok. The reasons that you might get warnings like this is
> that fdisk tries to put the sector number on a cylinder boundary. If that
> means that the partition is larger than the actual disklabel size, that is
> ok. What would have been a problem is if the disklabel extends past the
> partition size! (I think the installer makes sure this does not happen). 
> You do waste a few sectors because of this, but unless you are really
> interested in getting them back, I would not start bothering with it. One way
> to "fix" it is to do a bsdlabel -e  and change
> c: 285153687        0    unused        0     0  
> to
> c: 285155328        0    unused	       0     0 
> But again, it is not many sectors that is currently wasted. 
> -- 
> Ulf Lilleengen

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