zfs as layer distributor

Dimitar Vasilev dimitar.vassilev at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 08:30:43 UTC 2008

2008/10/6 Andrew Snow <andrew at modulus.org>

> Dimitar Vasilev wrote:
>> Would love if someone to hear if someone has tested hardware raid6 and zfs
>> over it.
> Yes, I am using 3ware RAID6 over 16 disks as a single volume, because we
> also had UFS partitions that we wanted to keep.
> The performance is more than adequate, but not anywhere near if you used
> them as single disks.   Personally - based on prior experience with certain
> hardware - I'd trust ZFS software raid over Areca hardware :-)
> How many disks do you have? If you can split up your disk pack into a group
> of between 5 and 10 smaller RAIDs, that is the optimal range for ZFS
> performance.
> - Andrew

I got 8 disks out of 12 possible.
As the local reps of Areca told me - RAID6 is good over 12 disks.
So next time I think I will go with raidz2 and pass-through.
Best regards,

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