Booting from ZFS raidz

Arnaud Houdelette arnaud.houdelette at
Mon Dec 22 02:30:01 PST 2008

As I'm fairly interrested in this kind of setup, I set up a virtual 
machine (VirtualBox) with 3 HD.
Sources are from a fresh current (csup yesterday). Applied your patch 

Done a make installworld / installkernel  to the zfs root.
Applied the bootcode as Stephan.

The seem's the loader gets loaded, but it cant proceed further.
I got those kind of errors :

ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable
ZFS: can't read MOS object directory
Can't find root filesystem - giving up

Then I get to the loader prompt.

ls give same errors.

show lists (partial) :

lsdev lists :
cd devices:
disk devices :
    disk0:   BIOS drive A:
    disk1:   BIOS drive C:
       disk1p1:   FreeBSD boot
       disk1p2:   FreeBSD swap
       disk1p3:   FreeBSD ZFS
pxe devices:
zfs devices:
    zfs0:   ztboot

ztboot is the name of my pool. but other physical disks aren't shown...

Seem's the loader can't read the ZFS raidz pool.
The loader as been built with LOADER_ZFS_SUPPORT option on /etc/make.conf
Anything I could get wrong ?

Arnaud Houdelette

Doug Rabson a écrit :
> <div class="moz-text-flowed" style="font-family: -moz-fixed">
> On 20 Dec 2008, at 15:01, Stefan Bethke wrote:
>> Am 20.12.2008 um 15:23 schrieb Doug Rabson:
>>> On 19 Dec 2008, at 21:46, Stefan Bethke wrote:
>>>>     gpart bootcode -b /boot/pmbr -p /boot/gptzfsboot -i 1 $1
>>> 1. Are you absolutely sure you are using gptzfsboot built with the 
>>> patch - the steps you list above show you building it but not 
>>> installing it on the system which is initialising the pool.
>> Ugh, sorry. That is in fact the old version from before the patch. I 
>> will try again tonight, with updated sources and the right gptzfsboot.
> You should be able to re-install gptzfsboot without changing anything 
> else using something like:
>     # dd if=/boot/gptzfsboot of=da<N>p1 conv=osync
> </div>

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