ZFS performance gains real or imaginary?

Andrew Snow andrew at modulus.org
Thu Dec 18 16:13:03 PST 2008

 > Did I miss some major ZFS performance enhancements?

ZFS under 7 is almost completely useless, since I can make it crash 
reliably by running "rsync", there's not alot of point talking about its 

  Would changes committed since mid-August (when I
> built my last ZFS servers from -HEAD + the patch) and now explain this?


> If so, then I really should be upgrading my production ZFS servers to 
> the latest -HEAD.

Thats correct, that is the only way to get the best working version of 
ZFS.  Of course, then everything is unstable and broken - eg. SMBFS 
became unusable for me and would crash the server.

> compression is effectively getting me 1/3 more disk space off my 1.5TB 
> disks

You should try gzip-9 compression mode, it saves almost that much space 
again all over :-)

- Andrew

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