More on ZFS filesystem sizes.

Andrew Snow andrew at
Wed Dec 17 16:10:57 PST 2008

> I now have another quandry.  I have ZFS on my laptop (two drives, mirrored)
> and I "zfs send" backups to my big array (6 drives, raid-Z1).  The problem
> is that they don't match up

As you know, ZFS has variable block sizes from 512 bytes to 128kb with 
every power of 2 in between.  Each block has a fair chunk of meta-data 
to go with it (those 128 bit pointers aren't very space efficient!)

I suppose what you're seeing is due to fragmentation, since with 
copy-on-write for snapshots, big blocks can be replaced with smaller 
ones when a file is partially updated, but these can be written more 
efficiently during the send/receive process, as only the actually 
referenced data needs to be stored.

Given all of that, your numbers are only out by 1 to 1.5%, so is it 
really that surprising?

Regarding du on ZFS, it calculates the result based on the number of 
blocks consumed by the file, excluding metadata and parity and 
checksums, and after compression.  /usr/ports will be full of tiny, 
compressable files resulting in a large ratio of metadata to actual file 

"zfs list" returns the space consumed including metadata, parity, and 
checksums.  (Also, filesystem metadata is stored twice by default, or 
three times optionally, in addition to whatever RAID you are using.)

So it is weird, but I believe what you're seeing is normal.  Maybe you 
need special ZFS sunglasses which black out whenever you start trying to 
look at what ZFS is doing to your files :-)

- Andrew

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