Will XFS be adopted

Russell Cattelan cattelan at thebarn.com
Tue Dec 2 09:33:46 PST 2008

Dan wrote:
> With XFS being adopted by Linux now for a number of years, I wonder why
> it hasn't been by FreeBSD. It's a great FS that can be resized on the
> fly which makes it a perfect journaling FS with volume managers. Anybody
> know?
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So I find my self with a bit of extra time to actually try and make 
progress on XFS for FreeBSD again.

I've started the process of essentially reporting xfs to FreeBSD,  (alot 
of stuff has changed in XFS)

It is still quite a ways off but I hope to have mount and read support 
working again shortly.

The lastest work can be found at.


I do realize that I will never have enough time to fully support XFS but 
I hope to at least get it off the ground
again and hopefully build some interest.

-Russell Cattelan

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