nmount() version of mount_ntfs(8)

Ighighi ighighi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 00:48:31 PDT 2007

Is there anybody working on a nmount() version of mount_ntfs(8) to
complete transition of the mount_xxx() tools or no such plan exists?

I'm not sure where I've read that these tools are to be merged into one
in some BSD.  Anyway I could do the work...  I also added support for
dirmask in NTFS as is used by MSDOSFS that I tested on 6.2-STABLE.
If such feature is recognized as useful as it is in msdosfs(5), I could
make the newer nmount()-based mount_ntfs(8) understand it as well so it
could debut on 7.0.

Details in:

Can any developer with commit rights apply the patch for the NTFS bug in


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