slow transfers on webshare service

Miroslav Valenta valenta at
Sun Sep 16 14:59:13 PDT 2007


i have problem with slow transfers on my web filesharing server. I'm
running FreeBSD 6.2 

files are sending by lighttpd 1.4.18 :

server.max-worker = 8
server.max-fds = 8192 = "writev"


xeon 3160 
4GB of RAM
areca arc-1260 disk controller with 1GB cache + 8x 500GB sata2 hdd

file transfers slow down when i'm about 500 downloading connections

but when i send same file from same storage by same line it's  sending

i think it must be something about lighttpd or sysctl tunning.

Can you help me pls?

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