[ANN] unionfs patchset-16 release, it is ready for the merge

Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt kvs at binarysolutions.dk
Wed Sep 6 05:23:14 PDT 2006

Daichi GOTO <daichi at freebsd.org> writes:
> The patchset-16 has extensive trials, good stability and
> source code quality enough to get the merge. I'll commit it
> to FreeBSD base system after writing up the manual.

We've been experiencing a couple of difficulties with unionfs after
having used it on our build-box for a few weeks.

Basically, we have three worlds, one for each current FreeBSD
release. We then do a 'mount_unionfs -b -c transparent $worldroot
$buildtmp', do a couple of nullfs-mounts, and chroot to $buildtmp. We
then start building packages.

archivers/arj build always fails - I haven't figured out why yet.
 - http://hoegaarden.pil.dk/~kvs/arj-3.10.22.tbz.log

java/jdk* panics the machine (a 6.1-p5 box)
 - http://hoegaarden.pil.dk/~kvs/java-panic.log

Also, we were having issues with bsdtar. When a port installed shared
libraries with libtool, it would overwrite one of the installed
hardlinks with a symlink. This resulted in the symlink having an
'opaque' flag set, which bsdtar tried to set on the symlink target. I'm
not sure if an opaque-flag is needed on the symlink at all, but our
solution was to patch bsdtar so it set the flag on the symlink instead
of the target.

If there's anything you might need to diagnose any of this, please let
me know.

Best Regards
Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt

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