Restoring backup on vergin disk

Pawel pawciobiel at
Fri Jan 20 12:39:24 PST 2006

Arne Woerner wrote:
> --- Pawel <pawciobiel at> wrote:
>> And the worst thing is that after when
>> I've made one fat32, active partition on
>> this disk, move dos system on (sys a: c:),
>> boot my backup-cd, restore backup the
>> system boot properly!
> Happy to read, that it boots now... :-)


> I "fought" a little bit with fdisk, boot0cfg and bsdlabel some
> weeks ago... It was quite weird... Somehow those 16 sectors were
> not there in the beginning of ad0s1; so I had to move the whole
> ad0s1a, because I mentioned that too late... ;-)

How did You managed to move it on bsd?

> Do you remember the output of
> % fdisk ad0
> and
> %bsdlabel ad0s1
> ?
I have output from bsdlabel -A but unfortunately not from fdisk, so I can't 
compare it. Although I may have copy of MBR made with dd somewhere.
Good suggestion, THX.
Will try to compare fdisk output.

I will also try fill disk with 00, restore backup again, so will save fdisk 
output next time and maybe finally I will understand how fdisk works.

Many thanks

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