can snapshots become corrupted ? Is fsck'ing /dev/md0 sensible ?

Joe Schmoe non_secure at
Thu Jan 19 23:01:11 PST 2006

I want to make this brief for you all ...

Let's say I have a running filesystem, and the system
crashes, and (for whatever reason) I mount and run the
filesystem in an unclean state.  While in this
unclean, running state, I create a snapshot on it.

Now let's say I unmount the filesystem and fsck it for
real.  It gets marked clean.  Is the snapshot that
resides on that filesystem still dirty ?

If so, is it expected that use of the clean FS with
the dirty snapshot enabled would cause system
instability (hard lock of system).

If so, is it sensible for me to mount the snapshot on
md0 and fsck /dev/md0 ?


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