preventing deadlocks in snapshot directories - unexplained

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Fri Jan 13 05:34:46 PST 2006

user <user at> wrote:
 > I have asked this before, but nobody answered ...

Many people tend to be reluctant answering questions
from anonymous users (or they don't bother reading their
questions at all).

 > If you have multiple snapshots, how do you segregate them in order to
 > avoid the deadlocks that the ".snap" directory is supposed to fix ?

As far as I know, using that directory is just a matter of
convention.  You can place snapshots anywhere else, and it
doesn't make a difference.  The only thing special about
".snap" is that it is created by default by newfs(1), and
it is expected to exist by the snapshot support of the
dump(8) and fsck(8) tools (for dumping live file systems
and background fsck, respectively).

 > I understand why a snapshot is created in (mount)/.snap - but what if I
 > have multiple snapshots running simultaneously ?

It doesn't make a difference.

 > cd /.snap
 > rm -rf snap3
 > the _entire_ /.snap directory locks up until that command completes.

Well, yes, certain file system operations are blocked
until the removal of the snapshot is complete, which
can take quite some time, depending on the size of the
file system, because a lot of data has to be updated.
So, that blocking is to be expected (unfortunately).

 > So, this leads me to conclude that actually, I need to do this:
 > /.snap/snapshot_file
 > /.snap2/snapshot_file
 > /.snap3/snapshot_file

No, it doesn't make a difference.  As far as I know, the
snapshot code doesn't care about the directory name where
the snapshot files are placed.

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