mapping [process|socket|...] to Filesystem

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hope to find some help, hints and experience here:

an external device expects commands and command data,
it produces result-codes and result data.
Communication is done via HTTP (and working)

The idea is, to allow access via Samba, which requires either implementation 
of Samba - VFS modules or mapping to BSD-Filesystem - pseudofs came to my 

Currently I try (and err) with a modified version of procfs. 
So far I can compile, boot the new kernel, mount and access the first few  
primitives: 2 directories and a file (read only)

Is, what I am trying:
- useless / stupid
- better to do with Samba VFS-module
- error prone due to accessing network in "kernel-land"
- can I run into troubles because of networking "problems-of-any-kind"
- simply the wrong way (because something similar exists, ...)
(I have to say, I know about C, I experimented with device drivers - but this 
is my first step into the depth of kernel programming ...)

Another, more technical question: 
can I create dynamic directories / files using pseudofs, or do I have to 
re-init everything?

Thanks in advance for every input!



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