Snap Server File System

Steven brooklyn at
Sat Dec 23 23:08:14 PST 2006





I just read your answer to David and Eric on the Snap 1100.


I spoke with Adaptec who I am sure you know inherited this from Quantum. 

They told me that BSD is also used on the 4100 and 4500 raid systems.

I would like to know where you found out from, unless you can answer me
about the software raid, what stripe size they used. I will assume for the
moment that they used BSD default.

My other Question is about the extra drive for parity which I understand is
not implemented yet If so Quantum would have to have implemented it.

Do you have any sources, web sites or reading information  I can go to that
will save my time of trial and error. 
I am working with a 4100, one of the drives dropped out and the raid 5
didn’t hold up.

The chipset is standard promise 100ATA x2 to handle all 4 drives as master.



Any info you can give me would be helpful



Thank you,


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