quotas safe on >2 TB filesystems in 6.1-RELEASE ?

Arone Silimantia aronesimi at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 20 07:15:24 PST 2006


Thanks for your comments and help - your posts on this
list are much appreciated.  Comments in line below:

--- Eric Anderson <anderson at centtech.com> wrote:

>  With 9TB without 
> any journaling, you might run into problems if you
> crash and need to 
> fsck - the number of files you could have on the
> file system could well 
> require more memory/time than you have available.

Hmmm...the time required is more dependent on inodes
than on size of data / size of files, right ?

My 9 TB dataset uses about 36 million inodes.

Any comments on that number ?  Large ?  Pedestrian ? 
Typical ?

I am hoping that that could be fsck'd (modern hitachi
SATA drives, raid-6, 3ware) in 48 hours ... or am I
way off ?

> > But I do absolutely need to run quotas (both user
> and
> > group) on this 9 GB array. I also need to
> successfully
> > use all quota admin tools (repquota, edquota,
> quota,
> > etc.)
> > 
> > Can I get an assurance that this is totally safe,
> > sane, and fit to run in a mission critical, data
> > critical environment ?  Anyone doing it currently
> ?
> > 
> > Any comments or warnings of _any kind_ much
> appreciated.
> I don't think anyone will say 'I promise it will
> work' of course, but I 
> would start by using the latest 6-STABLE source
> since there have been 
> quite a number of updates to file system related
> code since 6.1.

Ok, but all of the CLI tools (edquota, repquota,
quota, quotacheck, quotaon) are all known-good for
"bigdisk" ?

And there is no known "quotas just don't work with
bigdisk" problems ?

I was hoping someone out there was running quotas with
6.1-RELEASE on a >2TB filesystem and could report favorably...

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