quotas safe on >2 TB filesystems in 6.1-RELEASE ?

Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Wed Dec 20 10:12:39 PST 2006

On 12/20/06 10:48, Arone Silimantia wrote:
> --- Eric Anderson <anderson at centtech.com> wrote:
>> I also have several 2Tb partitions (set up prior to
>> gjournal being 
>> available), that are *FULL*, and each have about
>> 25-45million inodes on 
>> them.  Those fsck in about 4-7hours each, using
>> between 1Gb and 3Gb of 
>> memory to do so.
> That's encouraging.  What do you have your 
> kern.maxdsiz set to ?  1024000000 ?

I used to set it very high - 2.5GB if I recall.

> How about on the systems with the big arrays you were
> talking about ?  Or do you not bother with a large
> maxdsiz there since you don't bother with fsck anyway
> ?

I don't set it anymore, and since switching to amd64 platform on this 
machine, I don't need it.  I still use non-GJOURNALed 2Tb file systems, 
and two 10Tb GJOURNALed file systems on this system.  With GJOURNAL, 
fsck takes a few seconds, and I'm online.

>>> Ok, but all of the CLI tools (edquota, repquota,
>>> quota, quotacheck, quotaon) are all known-good for
>>> "bigdisk" ?
>>> And there is no known "quotas just don't work with
>>> bigdisk" problems ?
>>> I was hoping someone out there was running quotas
>> with
>>> 6.1-RELEASE on a >2TB filesystem and could report
>> favorably...
>> I'm not certain.  There were some bugs in quotas,
>> that recently were 
>> fixed (Kris Kennaway I think reported them and saw
>> the fixes into the 
>> tree), and prior to that I saw those consistently,
>> so I stopped using 
>> them.  I haven't tried since the fixes have been in
>> place, and the fixes 
>> (if I recall correctly) had to do with background
>> fsck (softupdates 
>> maybe) and not the size of the disk.
> Yes, I was hoping Kris would respond to this thread
> and give a thumbs up or down on quotas in 6.1-RELEASE
> for >2TB disks.  They work great with my 2 TB arrays,
> but I need to go bigger now, and I don't know that I
> can wait for 6.2-RELEASE to arrive...

You don't have to wait for 6.2-RELEASE to start using the latest STABLE 
version of FreeBSD.  Just download the most recent 6.2-RC image and go 
for it.  Once 6.2-RELEASE comes out, you can just cvsup and rebuild, 
reboot, and you're rolling.  The 6-STABLE branch is just that - stable. 
  It isn't beta by any means, and I really recommend going past 6.1 to 

> I do not run snapshots in any form, and do not do
> background fsck.

Ok, well, the quota issues are easy to check with a quick sparse file 
backed disk..


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