quotas safe on >2 TB filesystems in 6.1-RELEASE ?

Arone Silimantia aronesimi at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 18 15:03:01 PST 2006

I am planning on building a 6.1-RELEASE system with a
boot array smaller than 2 TB (and thus not interesting
or dangerous in any way - also sysinstall compatible).

But then after installation I am going to use CLI
tools (all bigdisk safe, right ?) to partition and
newfs a 9 TB array.

I will not be using snapshots on this array.

But I do absolutely need to run quotas (both user and
group) on this 9 GB array. I also need to successfully
use all quota admin tools (repquota, edquota, quota,

Can I get an assurance that this is totally safe,
sane, and fit to run in a mission critical, data
critical environment ?  Anyone doing it currently ?

Any comments or warnings of _any kind_ much appreciated.

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