Snap Server filesystem?

Tom Grove freebsd at
Mon Dec 4 06:19:13 PST 2006

Eric Anderson wrote:
> On 11/22/06 23:37, David Horis wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Note: This was originally posted to the freebsd-questions list...
>> A Snap Server 1100 just died on me... (Single drive, FreeBSD-based, I 
>> think...)
>> I think it's not HD related as I can't even get into to the 
>> hardware/bios reset mode.
>> I called adaptec, but they were of no help.... No even to tell me 
>> what kind of filesystem is on the drive. They said that since it's an 
>> old product, my only choice is to send the device to an authorized 
>> data recovery firm... ~ 4k USD
>> Have you folks ever heard of anyone opening one of these things up 
>> and mounting the drive on a regular PC?
>> Since the drive probably has some coruption, due to the MB/OS crash, 
>> how would I go about fixing those before I mount the drive and try to 
>> copy off the files?
>> I've tried accessing the drive via Knoppix and the GpartEd LiveCD... 
>> both see the disk, but report it to empty of partitions.
>> I am unfamiliar with *nix, and am unsure what to try next.  If 
>> someone could provide guidance on this, it would be greatly 
>> appreciated.  :)
> I don't know for sure, but I believe they use linux in those boxes.  
> The first part of the drive is the OS, and then the remaining is used 
> as the data partition.  You can use testdisk to try to get the 
> partitions back, and it will automatically figure out what goes where 
> for you.
> Eric
That particular model does use FreeBSD.  Linux based systems seem to 
have issues trying to read UFS filesystems so, you may want to try a 
FreesBIE disk.  You may have better luck mounting the drive.


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