[zfs-discuss] Porting ZFS file system to FreeBSD.

Luke Scharf lscharf at vt.edu
Wed Aug 23 14:07:27 UTC 2006

Ricardo Correia wrote:
> Wow, congratulations, nice work!
> I'm the one porting ZFS to FUSE and seeing you doing such progress so fast is 
> very very encouraging :)
I'd like to throw a "me too" into the pile of thank-you messages!

I spent part of the weekend expanding and manipulating a set of LVM 
volumes on a pair of RHEL4-ish Linux servers...  And I kept grumbling to 
myself "if this were ZFS, I could be done by now!"  Not only that, but I 
could have matched the configuration to the needs of the users more 
closely.    [0]

I look forward to ZFS on both Linux and FreeBSD.  It will be a powerful 
addition to both platforms!


[0] Changing a production server from an RHEL4 clone to Solaris isn't 
something that I'm likely to just-do in a couple of hours over the 
weekend on a cross-platform domain where I'm just assisting.  If I were 
the sysadmin there, though, it would be practical.
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