Deadlock between nfsd and snapshots.

Tor Egge Tor.Egge at
Fri Aug 18 20:20:09 UTC 2006

> First, big thanks to Peter for helping debugging the problem !
> This deadlock happens between processes 764 (nfsd) and 62981 (mksnap_ffs).
> In fact, deadlock is not specific to nfsd. It happens when ufs_inactive()
> interposes with ffs_snapshot.


> On the other hand, ufs_inactive calls vn_start_secondary_write(vp, XXX,
> V_WAIT).  ufs_inactive is running with vnode locked, If happens at the right
> time, system will deadlock.
> nfsd is the most vulnerable to the problem due to it oftenly being the
> only (and last) user of vnode, vput() from nfsd have high chance resulting
> in vinactive().
> Below is the patch that set VI_OWEINACT for the inode if the last call to
> vn_start_sec_write(..., V_NOWAIT) fails. The return from that point is safe
> because mp == NULL means that no previous code that changes inode was
> executed.

> Please, review and test.

The deadlock indicates that one or more of IN_CHANGE, IN_MODIFIED or IN_UPDATE
was set on the inode, indicating a write operation (e.g. VOP_WRITE(),
VOP_SETATTR(), VOP_MKDIR(), VOP_RMDIR(), VOP_MKNOD()) that was not protected by
vn_start_write() or vn_start_secondary_write().

The suspension of the file system should have cleared those flags on all
related inodes.  Write operations protected by vn_start_write() should have
blocked without holding any vnode lock until the file system was resumed while
write operations protected by vn_start_secondary_write() should have triggered
a retry of the vnode sync loop in ffs_sync().

Such unprotected write operations might render the snapshot inconsistent.  Your
patch addresses the deadlock symptom but not the cause.

- Tor Egge

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