locking questions (regarding file systems)

R. B. Riddick arne_woerner at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 3 20:02:07 UTC 2006

--- Eric Anderson <anderson at centtech.com> wrote:
> I just did, and looks like the g_vfs_close directly after the g_vfs_open 
> block (I copy-pasted) works ok.  When unmounting, it then panics on 
> g_vfs_close, probably because it's already closed from before.
So the sequence:
works fine.

What r u doing between the mount and the unmount calls?
Maybe something changes, so that ...close() deadlocks?

Did u try to put debug printf's in the g_vfs_close() function? :-)

Or is there a program somewhere, that uses g_vfs_open/close?
Maybe u could learn/copy&paste from hpfs?


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