about the performance comparsion of 6.1 vs 5.3 on amd64

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Thu Aug 3 16:15:29 UTC 2006

On Fri, Jul 14, 2006 at 05:20:00PM +0800, etalk etalk wrote:
>    I did some test about io performance of bsd6.1 and bsd5.3 on amd64 
> machine , and i didn't see any obvious performance's improvement .
>    Is there anybody know how about the performance improvement of bsd6.1 
> when comparing to bsd5.3 on amd64 machine, and is there any tools that can 
> let me see the improvement.

The difference is that in 6.x it is no longer locked by Giant, meaning
that concurrent operations can be performed concurrently instead of
being explicitly serialized.  This is particularly noticeable if there
are other tasks also competing for the Giant lock, such as your disk



for more details.

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