Possible way to distribute NFS?

Chuck Lever cel at citi.umich.edu
Tue Nov 29 21:23:26 GMT 2005

mike wrote:
> I did find that.
> But isn't that really paired with NFSv4? That's how I got into all the
> NFSv4 information about it's future plans for
> clustering/redundancy/whatever was when I Googled for that.
> Do you have some specific URLs that might help? Is this
> production-ready/usable, or just something to talk about over coffee?

pNFS is planned to be part of a minor revision of NFSv4.  that means 
something like NFSv4.1 or NFSv4.2.

there is nothing production ready right now, but there is significant 
industry momentum behind this, and several prototypes already exist.

most of the design is happening within the IETF (mailing lists and f2f 
meetings), and i'm not especially close to the dialog.

> On 11/29/05, Chuck Lever <cel at citi.umich.edu> wrote:
>>you want pNFS.  this is something that is currently being worked out by
>>the IETF, various NFS vendors, and members of the open source community.
>> google for pNFS or Parallel NFS.
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