remind me ... (file undelete on FreeBSD 5.4)

user user at
Sat Nov 26 15:27:39 GMT 2005

On Sat, 26 Nov 2005, Arne W=F6rner wrote:

> Hmm... I think there was such a problem before on a freebsd
> list...
> Did u tell your box to do "rm -rf local" or to do "rm -rf local/"?

Yes, that is exactly what I did - I autocompleted the symlink and it
deleted the target and left the symlink intact.  Is this expected, or
unexpected behavior ?

> In ports/sysutils/autopsy u might find a useful little helper...
> There was another tool, but I did not find it...

It's part of the sleuthkit.  I don't need a gui, so I think I will just
use the sleuthkit.


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