comments on todays ZFS announcement ? comparison to UFS2 on 6.0 ?

user user at
Wed Nov 16 13:09:37 PST 2005


I found this announcement today - apparently ZFS is now available as a
production item:

Can anyone take some time and do some quick feedback on it and compare and
contrast it to UFS 2 in its 6.0-RELEASE incarnation ?

Mainly I am curious - if an application has no ties or dependency on
FreeBSD (or any other OS), is ZFS going to be the no-brainer, obvious
choice ?

I am not sure if ZFS snapshots survive reboots (solaris 9 snapshots did
not), and I am fairly certain you cannot boot a ZFS device.  Also, it
looks like a very complex filesystem.

But I am just a layman - can any of the very technical people here shed
some light/thoughts/bigotries on ZFS, and ZFS vs. UFS2 ?


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