Limiting Filesizes with /etc/login.conf

James Tucker james at
Wed May 18 14:24:09 GMT 2005


I have been trying to set max file size limits for class of users on my
system. I have tried to setup a specific class for this purpose and
while it "cap_mkdb's" with no error messages when I copy files over to
the users directory I find that I can upload files of any size!

This is the class that I have configured in /etc/login.conf:


and the users chpass output:

Login: julie
Password: xxx
Uid [#]: 12001
Gid [# or name]: 12001
Change [month day year]:
Expire [month day year]:
Class: personal
Home directory: /home/julie
Shell: /bin/sh
Full Name: Julie XXX

and /etc/passwd output:
julie:*:12001:12001:Julie XXX:/home/julie:/bin/sh

Looking at the man pages her .login.conf shouldn't override this, "Only
a subset of login capabilities may be overridden, typically those which
do not involve authentication, resource limits and accounting." and this
looks like resource limiting to me!

I have even taken the step to rename the .login.conf still with no

I'm a bit stuck, as far as I can see everything should work..? Does
anybody see anything wrong with this setup? 

Many Thanks!


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