setfacl -d

Hervé Kergourlay herve.kergourlay at
Mon May 16 06:37:25 GMT 2005

Robert Watson a écrit :

> On Thu, 12 May 2005, [UTF-8] Hervé Kergourlay wrote:
>> how to set a default ACl on directory on FreeBSD 5.3
>> the setfacl -d failed with the following message
>> any idea ??
> Is the ACL flag enabled on the file system?  We don't enable ACLs by 
> default.  mount(8) should show the 'acls' flag if it's enabled.
> Robert N M Watson


fiobsd# mount
/dev/da0s1a on / (ufs, local)
devfs on /dev (devfs, local)
/dev/da0s1e on /tmp (ufs, local, soft-updates)
/dev/da0s1f on /usr (ufs, local, soft-updates)
/dev/da0s1d on /var (ufs, local, soft-updates)
canardo:/usr/people on /usr/people (nfs)
pid313 at fiobsd:/host on /host (nfs)
pid313 at fiobsd:/net on /net (nfs)
*/dev/da0s2 on /usr/ufs2 (ufs, local, acls)
I can change easily the ACCESS ACls without problems, backup and restore 
them with acl_get/set_file()

only the default ACls seems to be different


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