Call for feedback about ReiserFS import

Jean-Sébastien Pédron jspedron at
Mon May 9 04:27:01 PDT 2005

Hi everyone,

The current port of ReiserFS is ready to be imported in the tree for a
few months, however my mentor mux@ and I have concerns about the
organization of the sources of this version.

Originally, the port is based on Linux 2.6.7. My goal was to distribute
it as a 3rd party package, maybe a port. Because I was interested in
kernel development and how ReiserFS was working, I started from scratch,
bringing the necessary pieces of code from Linux little by little, to
achieve read-only support.

The main issue with this approach is maintainability: the filenames and
source layout is different between the original Linux version and the
port. Changes in the Linux tree are harder to track.

I'd like to import this version in FreeBSD's tree, because:
- ReiserFS' homepage ( says it shouldn't evolve
anymore (just rare bugfixes). For instance, between Linux 2.6.7 and, they added a few checks of functions' return code.
- with my approach, I have a better knowledge of the filesystem
internals. If we want a BSD licensed version, it should be easier.
- work is more interesting this way than just make the Linux version
- it's already done ;)

But I know that the tradition is to import external code with changes as
less intrusive as possible, for good reason. Does anyone has objections
for this?

Jean-Sébastien Pédron

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