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falaki at, the prominent pundit, on Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 21:14  
while half mumbling, half-witicized:

> >> [Bad sectors.] What should I do?
> >
> > Check cables, exchange them. Buy a new hard disk drive.

> This is the last choice. Do you know how I can find the bad
> sector number?

Reading your first message and the man page for badsect makes
me wonder if you did things correctly.

The first argument to badsect is supposed to be the 
directory you created to hold the bad sectors.

You're argument [as I recall it] was  /mnt/data.

Antime I've had anything under /mnt it has always been 
another file system and not the root file system.

Getting the error that you did, not finding the block number you
passed to it, makes me think you may have not done things

Is 'data' another file system that is mounted upon /mnt.

If so you need to make a directory to hold the bad sectors
on the filesystem with the problem, and then run badsect on
that filesystem, and then run fsck on that filesystem.

Your first posting did not have enough details to indicate
just how your system was set up.

Is my assumption [ assuming is a bad thing to do whit computers ]
correct in that /mnt/data is another filesystem?


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