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I laid down on my tummy and cried into my pillow until I fell asleep. I wo=
ke up much later, must have been the middle of the night cause it was dark=
out.  My clothes and bed were soaked as usuall, and only served to remind =
me of the diapers that were to come. I started to cry as I stripped off my=
 wet things and also my bed. I put the spare sheets on the bed and went to=
 take the wet stuff to the laundry room.I had to push the dresser out of t=
he way to gt out of the room, and when I steped out I stumbled over someth=
ing. I landed on the floor my face pressed into my wet smelly sheets. I lo=
oked back to see what I tripped on. The bag of diapers and other stuff.I g=
ot to my feet and took the laundry downstairs. Quietly I walked back upsta=
irs, not wanting to wake mom, mainly becuase I was still naked. I sighed w=
hen I saw the stuff at my door again. But stooped down and picked them up.=
 I sat the diapers by my nightstand and the rest of the stuff on my dresse=
r.I was still very tired, so I didn't bother to get dresse my

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