Prblm: software RAID boot, FreeBSD panic.

Arne Wörner arne_woerner at
Sun Feb 6 17:11:51 PST 2005

Hi Ola!

--- Ola Theander <ola.theander at> wrote:
> What I tried to do is to use "atacontroller create mirror ad0
> ad1" to create
Have you tried a
  cmp /dev/ad0s1a /dev/ad1s1a
in single user mode with
mounted read-only?

> mirroring between the two disks. Then I installed FreeBSD 5.3
> stable as usual on ad0.
Are you sure, that writes to ad0 are automatically copied to ad1?

Maybe you should try to install to ar0?

Maybe you should do a
  dd if=/dev/ad0 of=/dev/ad1 bs=256k

> Would this be the best way to configure software RAID. It seems
> like there are several different techniques for this e.g.
> vinum, atacontrol, geom, 
> gmirror etc. Which one of these is the recommended one?
I like to use geom_vinum, which works quite fine, if the disk
labels are ok... :-) (if the labels are ko, vinum behaves funny.)


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