FreeBSD 5.2 How do I let ordinary users mount floppies, CDROMs and other removablemedia?I'

Stan Sorochan at
Wed Feb 2 15:02:08 PST 2005

Thanks to those who've responded!

So I'm combining two of the emails that I've acted upon:


>Maxim Konovalov


> If you su to root, mount it, then unmount it, and then try to mount it as
> the regular user, does that work?
> Robert N M Watson

OK, I've added the follwing lines to my devfs.conf:

own     xpt0    root:usb #gid of those who need to mount a usb device
perm    xpt0    0660

so now I get this:

# ll /dev/ | grep xpt0
crw-rw----  1 root  usb       104,   0  1 лют 23:46 xpt0

this looks good, but I still can't mount the /dev/da0s1 without su rights.

Then I do a su, mount the device, unmount it - and now I can mount the device 
without su rights....

OK, that sort of works, but the su part really has to go....  How can I fix 

Best regards,

Stan Sorochan

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