Stackable Filesystems/deadlock/VI_DOOMED

Gunther Thiel gth at
Mon Apr 11 09:15:45 PDT 2005

I am working on stackable filesystems using 5.3-STABLE and figured that 
there are still deadlock problems when using the nullfs template on a
busy, stressed machine.
>From what I have experienced, apparently the deadlock occurs when trying
to get a new node while it's being recycled.

What I have seen in the VFS code of the CURRENT branch looks very
promising (VI_DOOMED instead of VI_XLOCK!), but as I have no clue when
new VFS stuff will be in a solid state, I wanted to ask if the problem
is at all solveable with the VFS concept under 5.3 and if so, how.
If it is not solveable (which is my personal guess) would someone mind
giving me a hint on dependencies when I would only like to use as much
stuff from CURRENT to move to new VFS concept (with all the ostentatious

Thanks very much!

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