Reproducable FreeBSD/AMD Crash

Martin Blapp mb at
Wed Apr 6 14:05:42 PDT 2005


> > The amd version we saw this with: both the stock version that comes with
> > freebsd 5.3, and also 6.1rc1 which I built and invoked by hand.  It does
> > seem that a user space program (like am-utils) should be be the root cause
> > of a kernel panic.
> > There was the chance that some algorithmic change in the very latest amd
> > would avoid the problem, or more precisely mask it, but that did not happen
> > either.

Can you please upgrade to FreeBSD 5.4RC1 and see if it happens there too ?
We need also a kernel trace, I can help with that you if you don't know
how to do it. If so, contact me off-list.

Martin (FreeBSD AMD maintainer)

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