orville weyrich weyrich_comp at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 28 22:58:50 PST 2004

I did a stupid thing and zapped my system disk
(/dev/ad0) with FDISK and Label (in
/stand/sysinstall)instead of /dev/da0.  Needless to
say, my system is sick.

Is there a way to mount this zapped system disk into
another system and reconstruct the disk label?  (I
need to find the locations of the / (ad0s1a), /usr
(ad0s1f), and /var (ad0s1e), and then write a suitable
disk label without destroying the data on the disk.

I feel so dumb doing this, but it seems strange that 
would allow me to zap the label of a mounted disk.

Anyway, please help me save my system!



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