ufs2 access from windows

Nehal nehalmistry at gmx.net
Fri Nov 5 15:18:06 PST 2004

i have just released ufs2tools-0.4 , this contains a command line
utility for reading ufs2 filesystems from windows 2000/XP (as
opposed to http://ffs.szm.sk/en/ which is a filesystem driver).

url: http://ufs2tools.sourceforge.net/

although the code is, afaik, clean and bug-free, the
implementation probably isn't the best. i've implemented it most
from scratch except for using the following files from
freebsd src: ffs/fs.h, ufs/dinode.h, ufs/dir.h

i would appreciate it if someone could go over the code and give
me tips on how i could improve or optimize the code. i've noticed
that retrieving many small files can be slow, this is because it
has to lookup the directory name each time, i could probably add
some sort of hash/lookup table to speed it up. i'm not sure what
else could be done.

i have looked over the code in freebsd src, but it was quite
complex and i couldn't understand much of it.
-- Nehal

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