Inode clearing/freeing

Siddharth Aggarwal saggarwa at
Thu May 27 10:35:25 PDT 2004

I'm not sure but I would imagine that the inode isn't filled with zeroes.
The directory entry in a/b for 'c' is removed and the inode is deallocated
(in-core copy and disk copy) along with any blocks (which I assume in this
case are none). The list of free inodes and blocks is then updated. So my
guess is that the inode isn't cleared to zero, the reference to it is
simply deleted so that it can be re-used by another file.


On Thu, 27 May 2004, Alexandr Kovalenko wrote:

> I have one simple question:
> 1. UFS1
> 2. Sequence:
> $ mkdir a
> $ mkdir a/b
> $ touch a/b/c
> $ rm -rf a/b
> The question is: does inode of file 'c' being cleared (e.g. filled with
> zeros or something like that) or not?
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