[OpenAFS-devel] OpenAFS for FreeBSD 5.2 patch

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Tue Mar 9 21:03:41 PST 2004

At 10:08 PM -0500 3/9/04, Garrett Wollman wrote:
><<On Tue, 9 Mar 2004, Garance A Drosihn <drosih at rpi.edu> said:
>>  I don't understand this comment.  Everything for my kernel is
>>  under /usr/src/sys...  Or do you mean I have to build openafs
>>  under /usr/src/sys?
>Actually, the real issue (which the patches don't address at all) is
>that you absolutely must build the kernel parts of OpenAFS (or any
>kernel module, for that matter) against the correct kernel option
>headers for the kernel you plan to use.  The Makefile simply assumes
>that you are using GENERIC (or are sufficiently similar to GENERIC
>as makes no difference).  If you dig into the Makefile you will see an
>explicit reference to sys/${arch}/compile/GENERIC; you need to update
>that to point to wherever your kernel was compiled.

Well, if it was doing that, then who knows *what* set of options
I was compiling it with the last time!

Well, I had just gone through a buildworld/buildkernel cycle, and
I have nothing under /usr/src/sys/i386/compile .  It looks like my
opt_global.h file is sitting at:

And I have a 'cvs checkout' of the present openafs source sitting
at /usr/cvs/openafs. So, this time I did:

   cd /usr/src/sys
   rm -Rf openafs
   cp -rp /usr/cvs/openafs .
   cd openafs
   export MAKE=/usr/local/bin/gmake
   patch -p0 </root/rees-fbsd.diff
   vi +/GENERIC src/libafs/MakefileProto.FBSD.in

# in my case, I changed the line:
     -I${KSRC}/i386/compile/GENERIC -include opt_global.h ...
# to
     -I/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/Dual-Athlon2k -include opt_global.h ...

   ./configure --with-afs-sysname=i386_fbsd_52 --enable-transarc-paths
   gmake install
   cd /usr/vice/etc
   cp -p libafs.ko /boot/kernel
# and then setup ThisCell, CellServDB, cacheinfo,
#     and maybe config/afsd.options as appropriate for
#     the local machine & AFS cell.  My cacheinfo is the
#     line: '/afs:/usr/vice/cache:100000', so I then:
   mkdir /afs
   chmod 755 /afs
   mkdir /usr/vice/cache
   chmod 700 /usr/vice/cache
   sync ; sleep 2 ; sync

# I 'umount' any UFS partitions that I don't need right now,
#    just in case this panics...   :-)
   kldload libafs.ko
   /usr/local/sbin/afsd -stat 1200 -dcache 800 -daemons 3 -volumes 70

And it seemed to come up okay!  I then did a:
    cd /afs
    ls -ltr
and it paniced.  But I think that's because the CellServDB file
that I'm using does not match the root.cell for rpi.edu.  I'll
do some more testing.

(the Panicstring was: "getnewvnode: free vnode isn't"
but at the moment I'm thinking that might be my fault)

Garance Alistair Drosehn            =   gad at gilead.netel.rpi.edu
Senior Systems Programmer           or  gad at freebsd.org
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute    or  drosih at rpi.edu

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