File Logging for Mac OS

Igor Shmukler shmukler at
Wed Jun 23 04:23:23 GMT 2004

> It is my understanding that the FreeBSD file system,
> which is the one used in the Darwin kernel of Mac OS
> is stackable. Hence I should be able to write a layer
> on top to do this.

I think you are wrong. FreeBSD has leaf file systems. It least that it currectly the case with 
OS X (based on older [Free]BSD [VFS]). Apple had a sample stackable fs - webdavfs, but they 
currently do not support stackable file systems. Look through darwin-development mailing list 
for details.

Usually, OS X installations mean that you would be running HFS[+]. It's a very cool file system 
that has interesting features, but it is implementament as leaf fs as well.
Check out relevant documentation. Apple advises that VFS interfaces are in transitional fase.


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