Frequent Power Failures

Joshua Lewis jmlewis at
Tue Jun 8 23:35:05 GMT 2004

My office is located in Southern California and of late we have had almost
ten power failures.

I have set up my first FreeBSD box and am learning quickly. If my memory
serves I recall Unix writes to disk as little as possible to keep the
system running at peak efficiency. However I don't want to risk data loss.
So until I can get a UPS (that is absolutely next on my list) I want set
the system to write to the disk as soon as possible.

I am currently looking through sysctl in the handbook to find some setting
that may enable writing data immediately.

Am I in the correct place? There are A LOT of settings here can anyone
point me to the correct setting so I don't spend the rest of my life

Thank you,
Joshua Lewis

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