vinum ufs1 drives on freebsd 5.2.1

micko micko at
Wed Jul 14 06:00:57 PDT 2004

> > I found the problem. Originally when I was creating the partitions on the
> > fbsd 4.x system I didn't slice up the drive, I used da0c/e. When using
> > the drive under fbsd 5.x and devfs, the system brings up da0s1c/e. Is there
> > anyway to override this behavior?
> No.  Why do you want to?  And why is it a problem?
> Note the warning in the man page:
>      partition ``c'' represents the whole disk and should not be used
>      for any other purpose.
> I'm surprised you got it to work at all.  *That*'s a bug.

I was using daXe partition, and I had to put the drives back into a 4.x system
since the 5.x was putting everything on daXs1. Can you point me to a page where
I can more info on how fbsd 5.x devfs is pull the partition info from the drives?


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