vinum ufs1 drives on freebsd 5.2.1

micko micko at
Tue Jul 13 14:34:16 PDT 2004

Hi, I just installed fbsd 5.2.1 on a system which
had fbsd 4.9 with a vinum ufs1 stripe. When I tried
to mount the vinum stripe on fbsd 5.2.1 it went ok, but
doing 'ls' gave me 'bad_dir' and a kernel panic. Doing
fsck gave me 'unknown filesystem type'. Seems like there
is no backwards compatibility. Can this somehow be saved
or do I need to put the drives on a fbsd 4.x system to
get the data?

Please CC me when replying since I am not subscribed to the
freebsd-fs list.


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