Analysis of mounts/unmounts issues.

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Sat Jan 31 05:30:37 PST 2004

On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 12:00:34AM +0100, Pawel Jakub Dawidek wrote:
+> This is a short analysis of mount(2)/unmount(2) problems related to
+> usermounts, unprivileged root and jails.
+> I've found many issues related to this topic, here is a list of those issues:
+> 1. Root from inside of jail is able to unmount _any_ file system
+>    (except /) from even outside of jail.
+> 2. Even if security.bsd.suser is set to 0, root is able to unmount
+>    file systems mounted by provileged root (except /).
+> 3. If usermount is set to 1, user from inside of jail is able to
+>    mount file system (if support for required file system is
+>    compiled in kernel of loaded as a kld module), but with
+>    MNT_NOSUID and MNT_NODEV flags set.
+>    Insufficient check is in two place: for normal mounts and
+>    for mounts with MNT_UPDATE flag set.
+> 4. Let's assume that usermount is set to 1 and user mounts file system,
+>    now we're setting usermount to 0 and user is still able to
+>    unmount file system mounted by him previously.
+> My fix deny any mounts/unmounts inside of jail and deny mounts/unmounts
+> for unprivileged root, because there is no chance to check if
+> security.bsd.suser was 0 or 1 while file system was mounted.
+> Patch is here:
+> Things to discuss.
+> Should we permit mounts/unmounts inside of jail if usermount is set to 1?
+> Maybe there should be 'jailmount' variable to control this?
+> Should we store in mount structure value of security.bsd.suser while
+> file system is mounted to permit unmount and mount with MNT_UPDATE flag set
+> operations for unprivileged root? This will give as a complete solution.

Ok, I got complete solution.

While I was looking on mksnap_ffs issue, I've found that we've MNT_USER
flag to mark file systems mounted by unprivileged users.
This flag is not used currently.

Patch is here:

Patch made use of MNT_USER flag, so if file system is mounted by unprivileged
root, it can be unmounted by him as well.
Mount(8) has been modified to print 'mounted by <user>' for unprivileged
root also.

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