Problems with NFS (client) under 5.1.

Jamie Bowden ragnar at
Tue Jan 27 09:12:56 PST 2004

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Robert Watson wrote:

> On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Josef Karthauser wrote:

> > I'm trying to set a FreeBSD 5.1 machine up as an NFS client.  The
> > server is on an SGI box.  Things are strange:

> Any chance you could grab a copy of ethereal and do a bit of on-the-wire
> inspection of the RPCs?  It would be interesting to know which of the
> requests are serviced out of the client cache, and which make it to the
> server.  It would also be interesting to see if you can see failures in
> the wire protocol, or if they're purely an artifact of the client.

> Also, can you confirm the Linux and FreeBSD clients are both using the
> same version of NFS with similar protocol settings (i.e., NFSv3 over
> UDP).

Something else here that needs to be looked at.  On all my Irix boxes that
I export to FBSD, Linux, or any other 32bit system I make sure I export
with the following:

/export/samba	-rw,32bitclients	wash-sgi wash-linux wash-freebsd

That 32bitclients bit is important.  I still have an Irix 5.3 machine
here, and it needs it as well as the Freenixes.

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