Large filesystems with massive inodes on BSD5.2

Tom Arnold xyzzy at
Wed Jan 7 16:26:32 PST 2004


I'm building a fileserver thats going to house a large number of small
files ( no, not an innd server but same idea sorta ).
I've got a 3.3TB RAID hanging off a FreeBSD 5.2-RC box ( cvsup'd to RELENG_5_2
monday night ).
I've broken it up into 2 1TB filesystems newfs'd "stock" and the remainder
a 1TB partition and a 300gig partition.  

Now the fun part.
newfs'd the final two partitions -b 4096 -f 512 -i 512 as they are going to
have many many small files on them.  Needless to say if the server reboots 
unexpectedly fsck takes a long long to run.  So this is why for a production 
server I'm playing with 5.2

Newfs'd UFS2 softupdates enabled.  Crash the box to force a dirty reboot.
Boots finally after about 20 minutes of playing with snapshots.  About
4 hours later I get this lovely error :

Jan  7 02:58:12 tarnold2 fsck: /dev/da1s1e: CANNOT CREATE SNAPSHOT /export/database/.snap/fsck_snapshot: File 
too large 
Jan  7 02:58:12 tarnold2 fsck:  
Jan  7 02:58:12 tarnold2 fsck: /dev/da1s1e: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY. 
Jan  7 20:21:24 tarnold2 su: tarnold to root on /dev/ttyp0

da1s1e is the largest or the two filesystems with huge numbers of inodes.

Am I running into some kind of filesystem limits by having 2billion inodes
on it?  Am I even asking on the correct mailing list or should I ask this
on -Current?


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