Request: summary of NFSv4 status available anywhere?

Tillman Hodgson tillman at
Tue Jan 6 13:13:38 PST 2004

Howdy folks,

I found a post by Jim Rees in mid November and a single reply in the
mailing list archives, but no mention of of NFSv4 since then.

Is there a status update available anywhere? A pointer to a roadmap
would be ideal, but a "client works, excepting these features,
preliminary server planned for March" would be great too.

I'm interested in v4 as a Kerberos user: I'd like more secure
file-serving via Kerberos integration and OpenAFS hasn't been successful
for me on FreeBSD.


[It] contains "vegetable stabilizer" which sounds ominous. How unstable
are vegetables?
    - A.S.R. quote (Jeff Zahn)

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