Possible corrupt disklabel and more

ravi pina ravi at cow.org
Mon Feb 23 11:13:24 PST 2004


i have a 4 disk raid5 using the 3ware 7410 using their
fbsd driver on 4.8.  at one point one of my targets
failed and the system seized.  not knowing the former,
i rebooted the system and it did its regular fsck. after
finding a unusually large number of mussing or corrupt
inodes, i stopped the check and left the volume mounted
read only.

accessing (i'm guessing) certain parts of the array
while in the degraded state caused the kernel to panic.
after (finally) learning of the state of the array i
left it dismounted until i was able to replace the disk.
after doing so the array appeared to rebuild fine and it
went from a degraded state to a ok state.

long story short:

it seems the disklabel got blown away and other filesystem
important data is corrupt preventing me from accessing
data.  so my question is:

is the data still there and if so, will recreating the
disklabel by hand and doing a newfs -N to find where the
alternate superblocks may reside bring me any closer to
getting the data back without having to seriously consider
professional data recovery?  if so, how would i go about
zeroing out the corrupt disklabel and manually creating a
new one?  specifically how would i obtain the drive
geometry suitable for a disklabel import?

thanks a bunch,



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