FreeBSD 5.2.1-RC2 fs snapshot problems.

Joseph Scott joseph at
Mon Feb 16 16:04:13 PST 2004

	I just finished testing a fresh install of FreeBSD 5.2.1-RC2 and
have verified that the problem mentioned in PR kern/58154 is still there.
The problem is fairly simple to show:

1.  Install a fresh 5.2.1-RC2 system.
2.  Shutdown a few times to show that it completes correctly.
3.  Create some snapshots of a filesystem (on 5.2.1-RC2 I did
    3 snapshots of /usr).
4.  Try to shutdown again.
5.  Watch your system hang forever, unable to complete a shutdown

	I've done this samething on 3 different systems with the exact
same results every single time.  If you cycle the power to reboot and then
delete the snapshot files shutdown is able to work completely once more.

	I'm more than willing to try out patches or different
settings/options in an effort to try and track this down.  I would be
thrilled to be able to use fs snapshots for systems at work, but as it
stands not being able to shutdown a system makes the snapshot feature

	Sorry about cross posting this so much, but I've been trying to
raise the attention level of this problem for weeks now without any luck.

Joseph Scott

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